• Tires
    Is your tread getting low? Keep your ride smooth and safe with proper tire maintenance. With our new tire services, our technicians make sure that your wheels and tires are spinning evenly and are meeting standards that keep you and your family safe.For more information about our tire services, call 903-597-6536.


  • Tire Balancing
    Hitting potholes or running over a curb are some of the ways wheels can come unbalanced. This can cause vibrating in the steering wheel and floor boards. Our technicians will balance your tires, leaving you worry free on the highway.
    Tire Rotating
    Save money with our Tire Rotating service. The uneven weight of your vehicle can put stress on certain tires. By changing their position, you extend the life of the tires and keep money in your pocket.
  • Tire Replacement
    Tires with wear and low tread are dangerous for you and your family. You can keep your family safe without breaking the bank, with our everyday low cost tire replacement. Come into Robertson Automotive and roll out with a new set of tires and peace of mind.